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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Speaking of malpractice, let’s talk about handwaving

These guys explain handwaving better than I do. But there is a lot of it in future tech. And in some cases, they don’t. Case in point, The Fifth Element – cigarettes are still there, they still cause cancer, but they have reversed the size of the filter and the tobacco part of the cigarette. […]

The issues of the loins

Sorry, it’s just been busy. I’ve been watching movies, weird and cool, dull and flashy, fun and funky. There is a lot of sci-fi future fantasty out there – and now I can’t take it in like brain candy, I’m really watching it. One thing that came up as I was taking my notes was […]

Hello there, shiny dumb design.

As I type this, I’m using a future is now toy and feeling very fakey futurish. Watching The Fifth Element in one window, sureefsearching in another, and typing this in a third. And to think back in the late Eighties I couldn’t see a need for a computer to do a bunch of different things […]

Things I didn’t notice until I had children.

Aeon Flux. I hadn’t planned to see the movie when it came out, but I was offered a free ticket, all of my friends were going, so I figured why not. Kill a couple of hours and I could watch it like any costume drama, for the sets and the costumes and so on. When […]

Good Design Never Goes Out Of Style.

Or maybe it’s easier to furnish the future with accessories of today; time travel just to dress a set would be prohibitively expensive, unless Harry Harrison is right. I’m not really sure what this site is. Part wiki, part tumble, part blog. Welcome to The Periodic Daily Of Tomorrow – Periodic Daily for short. What […]