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Monthly Archives: October 2010


I don’t know if I can watch this – it’s supposed to be a science fiction movie, but it ‘reads’ like a stage play. The English is a bit formal. Other than that, this was filmed in 2001/2002. They believe that NASA is still around, and a Mars mission would be headed by the United […]

Phone booths are back!

on a nostalgia trip watching Back To The Future II. It’s 2015, and the first thing I see as he walks around the corner is a phone booth. Guess they are in an alternate universe where cell phones never happened … Of course, if the courthouse scene is any indication, they still make drama glass. […]

No matter where civilization takes us, we’ll always have canned corn.

And gruel. I’ve been paying attention to food in movies lately. Food pillsin The Fifth Element, unappealing gruel in The Matrix, Red Delicious apples in STNG. I think it started when I streamed Pillars of The Earth. Very vivid, detailed, although edited unmercifully for television. Fresh food all the time. Even in the dead of […]