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No matter where civilization takes us, we’ll always have canned corn.

And gruel. I’ve been paying attention to food in movies lately. Food pillsin The Fifth Element, unappealing gruel in The Matrix, Red Delicious apples in STNG.

I think it started when I streamed Pillars of The Earth. Very vivid, detailed, although edited unmercifully for television. Fresh food all the time. Even in the dead of winter, no withered apples …

Firefly is enamored of strawberries. They are a great bright example of the value at which fresh food is held.

But I just watched Shindig again. More strawberries and some kind of hot cheese at the uh, Shindig. Back on board, however, River is having one of her episodes, peeling labels off canned food. Most with labels I can’t read – I don’t know if they just raided a local store or someones pantry. But I did recognize the Green Giant corn. I’ve cracked my share of cans making ramen over the years.

You can explore strange new worlds and meet new civilizations, but you can’t leave behind big ag.

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