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In 2011, when 99% of the world’s population dies

At least we save the Stokke Strollers. Phew! Five million people are left, the only thing you can save are the strollers and the parasols? Sounds good to me. I didn’t notice the Stokke strollers by name the first time around, but we were a baby-wearing family. I did notice the shopping baskets.

They also saved insane shoes. That’s another disappointment with the future – women still cram five toes into a toe box that was designed for three. Or do they just cut their toes off in the future?

The shopping basket looks like you took a kid’s crawl-through tube and snicked it along one length to put your green groceries into. I’ve been searching online but I can’t really find it, though the stroller was pretty easy.

It’s hard to tell how much is “hey let’s use this” from the prop and set design team and how much is actual product placement. Either way, when the shoot is done, hey, cheap props. 🙂 I know they can’t modify those strollers and send them back.

Knives are pretty standard in the kitchen. Looks like one I have. No laser knives slicing those future-perfect tomatoes, though there are other sorts of futuristic frippery going on. They couldn’t find any future shiny baby clothes, so they basted together some bits of cloth and pinked the edges. Yay, they saved pinking shears.

I mean, think about it, many billions of people are dead, survivors are straggling into the one city kept alive by the Goodchild family, and what are you dragging with you? Anything you can fold and pack into your Stokke strollers. I’m glad to see that pinking shears are in someone’s survival kit.

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