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I don’t know if I can watch this – it’s supposed to be a science fiction movie, but it ‘reads’ like a stage play. The English is a bit formal. Other than that, this was filmed in 2001/2002. They believe that NASA is still around, and a Mars mission would be headed by the United […]

Phone booths are back!

on a nostalgia trip watching Back To The Future II. It’s 2015, and the first thing I see as he walks around the corner is a phone booth. Guess they are in an alternate universe where cell phones never happened … Of course, if the courthouse scene is any indication, they still make drama glass. […]

No matter where civilization takes us, we’ll always have canned corn.

And gruel. I’ve been paying attention to food in movies lately. Food pillsin The Fifth Element, unappealing gruel in The Matrix, Red Delicious apples in STNG. I think it started when I streamed Pillars of The Earth. Very vivid, detailed, although edited unmercifully for television. Fresh food all the time. Even in the dead of […]

In 2011, when 99% of the world’s population dies

aeon flux – 4004 years after a horrible disease kills 99% of the worlds population and they still haven’t learned how to make decent shoes. How can anyone wear stubby little shoes like that, toes crammed in the toe box like five clowns in a three clown car?

In the next couple of years, we apparently disband OSHA

Who needs warning labels and decent hand rails, ramps, or non-slip floors? I just finished watching a movie set in the not-too-distant future (Paycheck) where there were lots of dramatic stairs, steps and cat walks. Perfect for breaking our neck on. We also start making our computer cables out of light tubes, perfectly able to […]

Space: The Final Foam Beer

Apparently in the future, aside from having rather barbaric childbirth practices, the warp drives are cooled by beer. When I first saw the Star Trek Reboot, it reminded me of some of the “how we make the things with the stuff” style shows on Discovery or The Science Channel. A big grainery or mixing factory. […]

Say hello to my little borg hand …

So I’ll have to go back and watch StarTrek: First Contact again, but it’s on now and I’ve got to get into this. So Picard, Worf, and some red shirt are suiting up into outer space suits from the twentythird and a half century to do some Borg killing out on the ship’s hull. There […]

Speaking of malpractice, let’s talk about handwaving

These guys explain handwaving better than I do. But there is a lot of it in future tech. And in some cases, they don’t. Case in point, The Fifth Element – cigarettes are still there, they still cause cancer, but they have reversed the size of the filter and the tobacco part of the cigarette. […]

The issues of the loins

Sorry, it’s just been busy. I’ve been watching movies, weird and cool, dull and flashy, fun and funky. There is a lot of sci-fi future fantasty out there – and now I can’t take it in like brain candy, I’m really watching it. One thing that came up as I was taking my notes was […]

Hello there, shiny dumb design.

As I type this, I’m using a future is now toy and feeling very fakey futurish. Watching The Fifth Element in one window, sureefsearching in another, and typing this in a third. And to think back in the late Eighties I couldn’t see a need for a computer to do a bunch of different things […]