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Say hello to my little borg hand …

So I’ll have to go back and watch StarTrek: First Contact again, but it’s on now and I’ve got to get into this.

So Picard, Worf, and some red shirt are suiting up into outer space suits from the twentythird and a half century to do some Borg killing out on the ship’s hull. There is something seriously wrong with these things; you can’t bend your neck, though you can move it around. Their big gloved hands can hit teeny tiny buttons I can barely hit bare fingered. And then Worf throws away his gun. Geeze, just because the Borg adapted to all the phase modulation that the rifles should have been equipped with …

Why, with everything they can do, can’t they have smart atmo suits? Just tighten up around the breach. Nope, Worf has to make his own off screen just to make up for atmo suits made by the peace-mongering Federation. The same Federation that does no disaster planning, allowing senior officers to be taken captive without deactivating their authorization codes.

Other than that, not much to write about in April 2063, looks like the basic shape of stills and corrugated tin for “shacks” haven’t changed much. Why mess with perfection?

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