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In the next couple of years, we apparently disband OSHA

Who needs warning labels and decent hand rails, ramps, or non-slip floors? I just finished watching a movie set in the not-too-distant future (Paycheck) where there were lots of dramatic stairs, steps and cat walks. Perfect for breaking our neck on.

We also start making our computer cables out of light tubes, perfectly able to strangle our enemies on the fly.

And apparently there are some special physics involved; they invented a liquid nitrogen that explodes. You will note that while there are a number of bottles and tubes (mostly SCUBA air tanks and painted-over SIGG bottles) that do a lot of explosive velocitizing, only the nitrogen bottles in the hardware room that are set to explode sport explosion warnings. I guess that’s so our hero will have a chance to use one of the items he prepped for his future self: A bullet. Good thing they use zipties in the future and leave them lying around so he didn’t have to pack one of those along.

Everything else was pretty standard modern day and retro near future; it’s always hard to do these “almost future” movies. But again, they’ve not bothered with any sort of user interface design – all of the intended users of this powerful relativity laser know what buttons to hit. All 24 unmarked, identical ones. And in what order. That’s some intuitive design! (not).

But the programming room was pretty (never mind the lit giant vent ducts and the explodish liquids right next to the programming table). Like one of our old favorites, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, you have to know what you’re doing to program or deprogram the machine. The magic programmy card bricks glow, but they don’t have labels or guides … probably no documentation either. 😛

Glad to see that hasn’t changed in the future! Documentation is for wimps! Real programmers program around spaghetti code! (not)

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