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Things I didn’t notice until I had children.

Aeon Flux. I hadn’t planned to see the movie when it came out, but I was offered a free ticket, all of my friends were going, so I figured why not. Kill a couple of hours and I could watch it like any costume drama, for the sets and the costumes and so on.

When they got to a scene with the baby, I poked the friend next to me as she’d gasped, too. I’ve seen some modernistic futuristic cribs, but they had this kid on a shelf. No hand waving about forcefields, nothing soft below, just a kid on a curved shelf, stuck on this largish winfow sill as if he were a philodendron.

And the future was all bleak and shiny, too – big open water system tunnels to run about it in, everyone crowded on a small quad – of course they gave a reason for that the the end, but still.

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